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Madrigal Catalogue

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(samples viewed here may differ slightly from copies supplied)
PDF / A4 printed copy
Dowland, John (1563-1626), arr. Robin Doveton Flow, my tears (The Lachrimae Pavan) SATB FREE PDF
Encina, Juan del Mas vale trocar (transposed up a tone) VIEW SATB 10.00 / 2.00
Morley, Thomas arr. Doveton It was a lover and his lass (in F - arranged from the lute song) SATB 15.00 / 3.00
Ruimonte, Pedro (1565-1627) Esperanza tardía (transposed down a tone) SSATB FREE PDF
Ruimonte, Pedro (1565-1627) ¿Has visto? (transposed down a minor 3rd) SATB FREE PDF
Vasquez, Juan ¿Con que la lavaré?  (transposed up a tone) VIEW SATB 10.00 / 2.00
Vasquez, Juan De los alamos vengo (transposed down a tone) VIEW SATB 15.00 / 3.00
Vasquez, Juan Zagaleja de lo verde  (transposed down a tone) VIEW SATB 15.00 / 3.00
Weelkes, Thomas (c.1575-1623) Cease, sorrows, now (transposed down a 4th for men's voices) ATB FREE PDF
Wilbye, John (1574-1638) What needeth all this travail? (transposed down a tone) SATB FREE PDF